Artist Spotlight: Craig Drake

Craig Drake is one of my favorite pop culture artists in the business today.  Craig worked for Lucasfilm for a number of years as the senior designer of, and has gone on to create a great body of work comprising of pieces commissioned by Lucasfilm, as well as ones created for retailers like Bottleneck Gallery or Hero Complex Gallery.  Craig actually just had his fourth solo show with Hero Complex Gallery, and in honor of that I thought I’d give him a long overdue spotlight.  My introduction to his work actually came a great number of years ago, with a series of prints released through in the style of Patrick Nagel.  He’s gone on to refine that style into something truly great, and I look forward to adding more of his work to my collection.  The images here came primarily from his Tumblr and official website.  A lot of these works were printed with several color variants, or on different materials (foil, metal, etc.).  I’m not gonna go too nuts with the color variants here, but now you know that they’re out there, so I feel like I’ve done my job.  On the same token, when I can I’ll put down where these were originally available from when I can but no promises I’ll get them all.

The Princess Original Colors

“The Princess,” originally available from

The Princess

“The Princess” color variant

The Senator

“The Senator,” originally available from

The Hunter

“The Hunter,” originally available from

The General

“The General,” originally available from

The Twins

“The Twins,” originally available from


AT-AT, originally available from Hero Complex Gallery

The Falcon

The Millennium Falcon

Han Solo

Han Solo, official art for Celebration


“The Captive,” originally created for a Celebration VI beach towel

more leia

Leia after the Medal Ceremony


Princess Leia, created as a NYCC 2013 Bottleneck Gallery exclusive

Craig Drake The Rebel

“The Rebel,” official art for Lucasfilm

Anahiem Art

Celebration Anaheim poster concept

Celebration Anahiem Key Art

Celebration Anaheim final poster


Celebration Anaheim Rebels Poster

ID Badges

Celebration Anaheim badge art


Celebration Anaheim poster concept

Imperial Trifecta

“Imperial Trifecta,” originally available from Dark Ink Art

The Bounty Hunter

“The Bounty Hunter,” originally available from Dark Ink Art

The Stormtrooper Dark Ink

“The Stormtrooper,” originally available from Dark Ink Art

Stormtrooper shirt

Retro Female Stormtrooper, originally created for use on a Celebration VI exclusive shirt


Darth Vader, originally created for his second solo show at Hero Complex Gallery


Boba Fett, originally created for his second solo show at Hero Complex Gallery

Proto Fett

Proto Fett, originally created for his second solo show at Hero Complex Gallery

rey (1)

Jakku Rey, originally created for his second solo show at Hero Complex Gallery


Rey, originally available at Wondercon

Star Wars - D23 Rey & BB8 by Craig Drake

Rey and BB-8, created for use at D23

Star Wars - D23 Leia & R2D2 by Craig Drake

Leia and R2-D2, created for use at D23

Star Wars - D23 Jyn & K2SO by Craig Drake

Jyn Erso and K-2SO, created for use at D23


“Tatooine,” created for use at Star Tours in Disney World


“Hoth,” created for use at Star Tours in Disney World


“Geonosis,” created for use at Star Tours in Disney World


“Coruscant,” created for use at Star Tours in Disney World


-If you want to buy his artwork, you could theoretically check out his Big Cartel page, but as of right now everything there is out of stock.  You’d be better off looking at Hero Complex Gallery and seeing what they still have available (or just take a look there to see some of his work beyond Star Wars).  If you just wanna keep up with him, check out his Facebook page.

-I have that Darth Vader print from his second solo show, and boy oh boy it is a beauty in person (and I only have it on paper, I have to imagine it’s even more stunning on metal).

-I saw those Star Tours pieces in person earlier this year when I was down at Disney, and I immediately fell in love with them, even before I knew they were by Craig Drake.  They haven’t been put up for sale officially, but they were produced as giveaways for his latest HCG solo show, and thanks to their social media team I should hopefully be getting a copy of Coruscant with my order from the show, so thanks again guys.

-I don’t have any of his Star Wars pieces beyond those, but I’d kill for either of those solo show Boba prints, or either of his Rey pieces.  I’ve seen that second Rey image printed on foil and it is a very nice looking print.  Maybe when I have the wall space/money…

-I’ll confess to going on partial information on some of the information behind those pieces there, so apologies if I actually did screw any of them up.

-Back in 2015 interviewed Craig in advance of the then upcoming Celebration Anaheim.  It’s a great read and if you want to learn about the process that goes into making the sort of pieces you see here definitely give it a read.







3 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Craig Drake

    1. Nice! I saw a few months ago that HCG had a 24×36 metal copy of his Bespin Vader in stock and almost pulled the trigger on it but couldn’t justify the cost at the time. I have a few pieces of his on foil that are beautiful, but I can only imagine how great it is on metal!


      1. I’d love him to do a companion piece with the Falcon as we see her in Solo. The blue would really pop on the metal. I wished I pulled the trigger on his 1967 Batmobile. (The best one, in my opinion.)

        Liked by 1 person

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