Artist Spotlight: Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore

When I was a kid, first getting in to Star Wars, some of my favorite books were the Incredible Cross Sections by DK.  The original trilogy got a book, as did each individual prequel film.  In it, the reader would get a look at the cross sections of the most famous Star Wars vehicles, getting a look at their inner workings.  The team of Hans Jenssen and Richard Chasemore was responsible for the illustration of these books.  For Starfighter Week, I wanted to focus on someone known for their vehicle work, and once I thought of them, this team seemed like the perfect fit.  One note now: I believe that the two collaborated on a good bit of these images, but some may have been done individually.  All of the prequel images  I took from Hans Jenssen’s site, along with some of the Original Trilogy images, but other OT images came from Richard’s site.  A few more came from Wookieepedia.

Imperial AT-AT







Naboo Starfighter


Droid Starfighter

Clone Gunship

Republic Gunship



Jedi Starfighter

Jedi Starfighter

Arc170 120dpi


Republic Cruiser

Venator-class destroyer

P-38 Fighter

P-38 starfighter

Shuttle art lo res

Imperial Shuttle

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

Slave I

Slave I

Tantive IV Blockade Runner

Tantive IV

Star Destroyer

Imperial Star Destroyer


TIE Fighter

Advanced TIE X-1

TIE Advanced x1


TIE Bomber


TIE Interceptor



B-Wing lo res


X-Wing Fighter


Y-Wing Fighter



-The B-Wing and TIE Bomber pieces were actually created as exclusive prints for Celebration IV, which I attended.  I didn’t get the B-Wing because I am the dumbest f***ing person I know.

-Both Richard and Hans have original art available for sale.  You can contact Richard through his site to get a list of what’s available, and Hans has a list right here.  The finished pieces are really expensive, but some of his preliminary sketches are eminently affordable.

-I bought the Cross Sections books as they came out, but after the individual releases they made combined editions with extra art.  If you like what you saw here, and are hungry for more, this is the book to buy.

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