Artist Spotlight: Cat Staggs

Cat Staggs produced one of my favorite Star Wars prints of all time.  She’s known outside of Star Wars for her work in comics: she did work for the Smallville: Season 11 comic, she’s done work for Star Trek and Orphan Black.  In Star Wars, she’s known for her propaganda series of prints, sketch cards for Topps, and illustrations for online stories.  I proudly have several pieces of hers hanging on my wall, and when I met her in person she was exceedingly nice.  I gathered most of these images from Cat’s DeviantArt, but she has a nice viewing gallery up on her site.  Let’s get to looking, yes?

Hand of Fate SWS ESB 30th

“Hand of Fate,” created for’s Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Series

Darth Talon

Darth Talon

SWG Target Exclusive 1

SWG Target Exclusive 2

SWG Target Exclusive 3

A series of sketch cards for Target Star Wars Galaxy trading cards



I've Got a Boba Fett-ish

“I’ve Got a Boba Fett-ish,” created as an unused t-shirt design


Mara Jade, created as a t-shirt design for Her Universe

Han of the Dead Zombie Week Death Troopers

“Han of the Dead,” created for’s Zombie Week

Obi-Wan CW Return

Obi-Wan Kenobi artist return sketch card

Padme CW Sketch Card

Padmé artist return sketch card

Obi-Wan SWG

Obi-Wan Kenobi, created for Topps’s Star Wars Galaxy cards


“You’re Trembling,” created for Celebration V’s Commitment Chapel

Careless Word Collected Bounty

“A Careless Word, a Collected Bounty”

Spirit of '77

“Spirit of ’77,” created for Celebration IV

They Were Expendeble with Watermark

“They Were Expendable,” created for Celebration Europe

To Hoth and Back CV

“To Hoth and Back,” created for Celebration V

The Guns of Endor CVI

“The Guns of Endor,” created for Celebration VI

Tempest Force CVII

“Tempest Force,” created for Celebration Anaheim

Encounter at Echo Base

“Encounter at Echo Base,” created for Acme Archives


-If you want to buy Cat’s art, look here.  She also has a Facebook page.

-My favorite print, by the way, is “They Were Expendable.”  I finally got it last year around Black Friday, when she put some up for sale in her store.  Beyond that, I have “Encounter at Echo Base” and “A Careless Word, a Collected Bounty.”  I was at Celebration IV for “Spirit of ’77,” I didn’t buy one at the time, but I since wish I did.  It’s really grown on me.  I like all of those propaganda prints, but of the ones I don’t have, it’s “To Hoth and Back” I wish I had the most.

-Sorry about any watermarks on the images.  I tried when I could to find versions without them, but for a few the only other ones I could find had much lower resolution.

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