Artist Spotlight: Jerry Vanderstelt

Jerry Vanderstelt is a favorite of many fans.  His paintings are absolutely beautiful, with a stunning level of detail that you really won’t be able to appreciate through these images here.  I don’t believe that I’ve ever interacted with him directly, but he maintains a presence both on Facebook and Rebelscum, and he always seems like a very pleasant chap.  On top of his Star Wars work, he’s done a lot of excellent stuff based off of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film series, which I’m not gonna feature here for reasons that should be obvious, but should you want to take a look I’ll give some links at the end of the article.  I’ve taken most of these images from Jerry’s website, with a few more from his Facebook page.  I’ve tried to find the titles for all of these images, with general success.  Apologies in advance for the ones I couldn’t find.


“Knight of Passage”

Luminous Being

“Luminous Being;” this image was used as the cover for Star Wars Art: Illustrations

Rebel Princess

“Rebel Princess”

Knight of the Old Republic

“Knight of the Old Republic”

The Fallen

“The Fallen”



Knight has Fallen

“Knight has Fallen”

Tears for Alderaan

“Tears for Alderaan”





Jabba's Bane

“Jabba’s Bane”



Smuggler's Hideaway

“Smuggler’s Hideaway”

She's Got it Where it Counts Kid

“She’s Got It Where It Counts Kid”



Darth Talon

“Darth Talon”

Furnace Heart

“Furnace Heart”

Desert Vigil

“Desert Vigil”


Vanderstelt’s Celebration III Print


Vanderstelt’s Celebration IV Print


Vanderstelt’s Celebration V Print


Vanderstelt’s Celebration VI Print

Apology Accepted

“Apology Accepted,” Vanderstelt’s Celebration Europe II Print

Edge of Destiny

“Edge of Destiny,” Vanderstelt’s Celebration Anaheim Print


– If you want to buy Jerry’s art, you could check out his store, or perhaps his eBay page.  Right now, however, I only see art from LOTR/The Hobbit in stock at either of those, so if you want to buy some of his Star Wars pieces, go to Acme Archives.  If I can ever get a decent price on it, I’d be in the market for a copy of “Knight has Fallen.”  My fine art pieces are really heavily skewed towards Vader and Boba, that would at least get some Padmé in there.

– That said, I do have a piece of VanderStelt art up on my wall, and it isn’t of Vader or Boba.  It’s a copy of “Luminous Being,” which came with my limited edition copy of Star Wars Art: Illustrations.  Nice to have some Yoda on the walls.

– I had the chance to buy “Apology Accepted” back when it first came out, and I almost jumped on it, but passed due to space considerations/already having a sizable Vader print.  I kinda regret not buying it, though I will admit right now that I have absolutely no wall space right now.

– Seriously, take a look at his Facebook page or website.  You’ll be able to get a look at some detail shots that really show just how great these pieces are.

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