Artist Spotlight: Drew Struzan

I am 100% positive that everyone reading this post has seen Drew Struzan’s artwork at some point in their life.  One of the most prolific movie poster artists of all time, he’s done work for Indiana JonesBack to the FutureHarry PotterBlade RunnerThe Shawshank Redemption, and, among many others, every Star Wars movie.  What you might not realize is that he’s also done a great deal of Star Wars book covers, and those are going to make up a great deal of the pieces seen here.  I’ve taken most of these from Wookieepedia, and a few from his website.  With his book covers, I’ve tried to only take images of his art, without the title of the book or anything else covering it.  There were a few instances where I wasn’t able to find those images, so I just went for the books’ cover.   Somehow, some way, I think you’ll live.EPI_TPM_poster

The Phantom Menace Theatrical Release Poster


Attack of the Clones Theatrical Release Poster


Revenge of the Sith Theatrical Release Poster


A New Hope Special Edition Poster


The Empire Strikes Back Special Edition Poster


Return of the Jedi Special Edition Poster


Star Wars Style-D Poster, done with Charlie White III


Revenge of the Jedi Teaser Poster; for those unaware, the film was named “Revenge of the Jedi” and had material sent out as such before Lucas decided revenge was not befitting of a Jedi and changed the title.


Cover to Darth Maul #1


Cover to Darth Maul #4

TPM TV Guide Covers

Combined covers of “TV Guides” created to celebrate The Phantom Menace


Cover to Shadows of the Empire (the novel, not the comic or videogame)

Courtship of PL Softcover

Cover to the paperback version of The Courtship of Princess Leia.  The original cover, also by Struzan, much more highlighted the romantic elements of the story.


Cover to The Glove of Darth Vader, a young adult book that I was fond of before I realized it didn’t come close to meshing with the Expanded Universe, and was kinda sucky beyond that.


Cover to Children of the Jedi


Cover to The New Rebellion


Cover to The Crystal Star.  I’ve bashed the book in several previous posts, but the cover is nice.


Cover to Before the Storm


Cover to Shield of Lies


Cover to Specter of the Past


Cover to Vision of the Future


Cover to Star Wars Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook


Star Wars Postage Stamps


– If you want to buy Drew’s art, you have a few options.  It’ll be quite easy to find cheap copies of his posters on sites like Amazon, but if you want to spring for a nicer print, check out this page on his site.

– Of course I have artwork by Struzan hanging up.  Images of his posters grace a few of the film cell displays I own, and I have his special edition A New Hope poster, along with his Revenge of the Jedi poster on display in my dorm when I’m at school.

– If you want to like the official Drew Struzan Facebook page, here it is.

– I own a copy of The Art of Drew Struzan, which features a lot of his posters, and some of his commentary on the ones featured.  It also features a lot of concepts that never made it to print.  If you want a copy for yourself, try Amazon.

– The last poster Drew did was for the last Indiana Jones movie.  He’s retired, and understandably a bit maudlin about the lack of real art in movie posters nowadays.  There is hope that he’ll return to do The Force Awakens.  Not much would make me happier.

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