Artist Spotlight: Brian Rood

This week’s spotlight is on Brian Rood.  Rood is a freelance artist who’s done work on an incredible variety of sources, from Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Lord of the Rings, in addition to work for the Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. estate along with many others.  Of course, it is Rood’s Star Wars work that will be mostly highlighted here, and he’s done a great deal.  While he’s produced many prints in a fairly photo-realistic style for Acme Archives, he’s also well-known for his watercolor work.  Like Chris Trevas, he’s also done illustration for reference guides, namely The Essential Reader’s Companion, so he’s covered many Expanded Universe characters, some of whom had never been previously depicted.  On a more personal note, I’ve purchased a print directly from him in the past and he was extremely pleasant to deal with throughout the experience.  Almost all of these images were taken from his official website, while a few were grabbed from his Facebook page.

Confinement AA




Resolve and Redemption

“Resolve” and “Redemption”

Homecoming CE2

“Homecoming,” originally available at Celebration Europe II

A New Hope Montage C7

“A New Hope Montage,” originally available at Celebration Anaheim

Empire Strikes Back Montage C5

“The Empire Strikes Back Montage,” originally available at Celebration V

Brothers Acme Archives


Size Matters Not

“Size Matters Not”


Grand Moff Tarkin

Clone Wars Anakin

Anakin Skywalker, as he appeared in the 2008 Clone Wars series

Snowbunny Padme

Padme Amidala, as she appeared in the 2003 Clone Wars microseries

These following pieces were all created for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends in 2012

portfolio-ig88 weekends 2012







Boba Fett





The following pieces were all created for The Essential Reader’s Companion

Darth Zannah RComp

Darth Zannah

Character appeared prominently in the Darth Bane novels

Siri Tach RComp

Siri Tachi

Character appeared prominently in the Jedi Apprentice and Jedi Quest series

Kal Skirata RComp

Kal Skirata

Character appeared prominently in the Republic Commando novels

Scout RComp


Character appeared prominently in Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Jax Pavan RComp

Jax Pavan

Character appears prominently in the Coruscant Nights novels

Rahm Kota RComp

Rahm Kota

Character appears prominently in The Force Unleashed multimedia project

Gallandro RComp 


Character appeared prominently in The Han Solo Adventures

Mirax Terrik Readers Comp

Mirax Terrik Horn

Character first appeared prominently in the X-Wing novels

Talon Kardde RComp

Talon Kardde

Character first appeared prominently in The Thrawn Trilogy

Tendra RComp

Tendra Risant Calrissian

Character appeared prominently in The Corellian Trilogy

Anakin Solo RComp

Anakin Solo

Character appeared prominently in The New Jedi Order novels, among others

Cal Omas RComp

Cal Omas

Character appeared prominently in The New Jedi Order and the Legacy of the Force novels

Mirta Gev RComp

Mirta Gev

Character appeared prominently in the Legacy of the Force novels

Amelia Solo or whatever RComp

Allana Solo

Character appears prominently in the Fate of the Jedi novels


– Rood’s art, along with Joe Corroney’s and Chris Trevas’s, appears on a poster given away for Star Wars Reads Day II.  I’m lucky enough to own a copy of that, along with a piece of his work included in the limited edition of Star Wars Art: Illustration and a copy of “Homecoming.”

– If you’re interested in purchasing some of Rood’s art, I’d suggest going to his store, or checking out Acme Archives.

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