Artist Spotlight: Raymond Swanland

Raymond Swanland is a more recent addition to the world of Star Wars art.  His first piece was created for Star Wars Art: Visions in 2010, and he was mostly silent on the Star Wars front until he began releasing new prints relatively frequently via Acme Archives.  While not having close to the number of Star Wars pieces as Trevas, Swanland’s Star Wars work makes up just a small portion of his portfolio, having done work for Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, and the Alien vs. Predator comics.  His works have a sense of motion that I absolutely love, and thanks to his fairly recent entry on to the Star Wars scene I’ve been able to include what I believe to be his entire Star Wars portfolio.   All of these pictures I’ve taken from his Facebook page.

Shadows of Tatooine FB

“Shadow of Tatooine,” originally created for Star Wars Art: Visions

Hunter in the Endless City FB

“A Hunter in the Endless City”

Machines of Dominion FB

“Machines of Dominion”

Last Look Back FB

“Last Look Back”

Silent Guardian FB

“Silent Guardian”

Center of the Storm FB

“Center of the Storm”

Through The Fire FB

“Through the Flames”

One with the Light

“One With the Light”


– If you’re interested in buying any of his Star Wars art, I’d recommend heading to the Acme Archives website.

– Raymond’s official website is here.

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